A 51 year old drunken woman of Twashuka in Luanshya district has been shot in the leg by police for alleged resisting arrest, while her 3 year old grand child was grazed by a bullet.

Beauty Mambwe, 51, of Twashuka in Walale compound was on Saturday night shot in the leg as she resisted arrest in a police patrol.

A check at Thompson district hospital revealed that the woman has since had her right leg amputated.

She narrated ” I was at home drinking beer with my grandchildren when suddenly police appeared and everyone ran into the house leaving me and my grand child standing outside, and that was when police shot at me and the bullet grazed my grand child”.

She further said her grand child sustained bruises on her left leg and hand where the bullet grazed her.

Mambwe who is a mother of 10 and takes care of her three children and six grandchildren appealed for assistance as she was the family breadwinner.

And, Luanshya District Commissioner Patrick who regretted the development, said the incident happened over the weekend when police raided a house where people had assembled to drink an illicit local brew (lutuku).

He explained that the gun went off accidentally as the woman was wrestling with the police in an attempt to evade arrest.
Mr Maipambe further said police have since instituted investigations into the matter.

He also confirmed that the 3 year old boy who was grazed by a bullet was reported to have been attended to and released from Thompson hospital.

The woman is admitted to Thompson district hospital and her condition is stable.

Following the outbreak of Covid -19, the government closed down bars to combat the spread of the virus by avoiding overcrowding.
But people have resorted to illegal selling of alcohol in residential areas, which has promoted police to conduct random patrols to disperse the crowds.