There are million times in a life of a man, we often forget our women’s Worthy and treat them like any other. But this is what I want us men to imagine as we Break Off For Lunch

    – Imagine how much she would really appreciate having that expensive hair you bought for your side chick !
    – Imagine how affordable it is just to stick to her alone
    – Imagine her waking up with that beautiful text before she goes for work
    – Imagine if you could take her little brother for that dream movie you made an excuse instead
    – Imagine how proud she would have been if you had attended her sister’s graduation ceremony
    – Imagine if you could treat her like in the picture

    Even Ladies know we aren’t perfect but we can get them on theirΒ  toes and knees at times πŸ˜‚.

    It is very evident that after marriage most couples focus much on responsibilities and family tying but forgetting the foundation and what makes you happy can be very hazardous for the relationship in marriage.

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    Let Love Lead πŸ’“