ROBERTO Zambia Donates K 500,000.00 To CGI Meant For Local and International Students.


The Funds will : Help Reduction Of Application Costs By 50% For 75 Applicants, Awareness About Education Opportunities .The amount is donated is aimed At :
Helping International students to come to Zambia which is a move to encourage neighboring countries and the continent as a whole to come and benefit from
the rich culture and the advanced quality education offered in Zambia, To enhance European visits to check up on the welfare of
Zambia and other African students studying abroad Especially with regards
to the impacts of Covid 19. The Reduction of Application costs by 50% for 75 applicants. Application cost
are usually the biggest barrier to accessing international education. Roberto and the CGI
Will do a count down on their Facebook for each applicant that has been accepted.
The Awareness about Education opportunities: Will be prompted by activities that will encourage youths to be more proactive about schooling and the role it plays to personal development. Roberto pledges to use his influence to engage Young People to push hard towards accessing educational opportunities.
Roberto has Partnered with Canaan Group International Coz he has accessed their projects especially the European visits that they did between July-September 2020 across Europe visiting the students when Covid 19 was harshest that showed heart. He also highlighted that They also have established a wider network African branches that help to
reach a greater impact especially with the promotion of Zambian education and
tourism. Plus, it’s a youth led institution. Lastly, Roberto said that It is good to see young people making a
positive impact in the community and pushing to empower other youths.He further said that Every young person eager to learn is a target beneficial especially that it’s been launched in the Youth Month. It’s the month that we celebrated youth
day. Youths are encouraged to visit Canaan Group
International they will be rolling out multiple projected aimed at skill
enhancing and motivating great learning grounds as well as transparency in accessing how their projects will be implemented. They also invite other institutions,
individuals and groups to join the movement and help as many applicants as possible.