Samaweezy – Brand New Dance Audio & Video + Bio

About : Samaweezy

Alex Samawaya popularly known as Samaweezy is a Zambian artist born on 7th June 1997 in Lusaka Zambia.
Alex always had an ear for good music,which he later on established his interest to compose music in the 8th grade as he was at the time schooling at St Andrews School.
The opportunity to express his music came at a time during a free class period when his friends decided to have a rap battle supported with beats made using desks and pencils.

Alex joined the activity,laid down his freestyle,himself and his classmates were astonished as to how talented he was.
Alex’s music inspiration and idol was and will always be lil wayne(weezy) hence the name Samaweezy as this is just a combination of his last name and his favorite idol.
Not many people took this serious but were shocked that he kept pursuing music after that day.The first song Samaweezy composed and had released was called “beautiful “,at this time he wasn’t so confident in his voice as he was still trying to figure himself out as an artist,he let his friend Yamika popularly known as “Yamzy” feature on and sing the hook .

Alex went to China in 2015 to pursue studies in computer engineering and later on transferred to India to study civil engineering.
Alex went through some medical difficulties while in India and later on his family and himself concluded it was best he came back to Zambia and finish his Education here.
He is currently studying business administration at LIUTEBM as he continues to push his music and brand himself as an artist.He has a list of great songs like Redress,lifestyle,bakunama and his latest “Brand new Dance”.

Samaweezy lives and breathes music and his dream is to send a message to his fans,let them enjoy and relate to his music as well as leave a mark in the world.


Samaweezy – Brand New Dance (Audio)



Samaweezy – Brand New Dance (Video)