Zambian Renowned Gospel Artist Apologizes to President Lungu see why

A Zambian gospel artist has apologised to President Edgar Lungu for criticising him in an online video, therefore beating an ultimatum set by a government minister that he does so within 24 hours.

Kings Malembe had cautioned the government against locking out Zambians from investing in newly discovered gold deposits.

He warned President Lungu that if only foreigners invested he would lose votes in next year’s election.

Kings said in an online video that he “was sorry” that he did not use the “right platform” to address the president.

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo had said Kings’ comments were “demeaning to the office of the president”.

Two other artists were told to apologise to the president: Dancehall singer Brian Bwembya, also known as B-Flow, who has been critical of mistreatment of Zambian workers by Chinese managers, and photographer Tukuta Chellah, who has been complaining about alleged corruption in the government.

Neither have apologised yet.

Mr Lusambo did not specify what action will follow if they don’t apologise withi
“We can’t start insulting the office of the president with impunity, then as a nation, we don’t have values. National values are very important, extremely important. They are a mirror of the nation,” Mr Lusambo said at a press briefing on Wednesday.